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Work experience with Whale Nation

I now know what I want to do for my work experience! Well, I knew I wanted to do something with animals and now I hopefully am! I went to the AWF talk today and wow. It sounds soo good! The guy who gave us the talk on it said about all the other projects they are doing at the moment like building villages, conserving elephants and soon they are hiking through the jungle looking for a rare wild cat, I cannot remember what it was called but I had not heard of it before! Sounds so amazing. I emailed him as soon as I got home telling him I am defiantly interested and asked what the next steps are.

In the summer I emailed about 50 different people who work within the wildlife industry. I only got a few replies but one of them sent me an advice sheet which was really interesting to read! I am going to be helping make a show real for someone trying to get into presenting by filming and editing the footage. I am looking forward to doing this and to see the outcome of the project.


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