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SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis

My Strengths

When it comes to media production, I have good common sense. When going out on a shoot I will double-check everything is set up on the camera correctly and I much prefer to leave the camera rolling because I have caught good shots after I have got the shot I thought I wanted for example, when I filmed the ‘what is important to you?’ There is a shot of my cousin picking a flower, she had no idea that I was filming at this time and it is one of my favourite shots. I have good editing skills and have gained the position of head editor of source TV so these skills are going to improve even more. I have a good memory and am a good listener because I feel like I need to learn everything so I listen and take in as much as possible from others. I have good time management skills, which enables me to get work done to a deadline efficiently. I can work well in groups, I loved working in a large group in a studio, it was stressful at times from not everyone pulling their weight, but I really enjoyed working in such a big group. I make sure I pull my own weight when working in a group mainly because I know how annoying it is when some people do not. I am persevering with a ‘we can do it’ attitude to help motivate others. I will not give up easily and will try hard in all aspects of my life. I am patient and this is extremely important Wildlife Film making and also when working with others. I am adaptable to my surroundings and settle in well. For example, when coming to University, I settled into the course and requirements quickly.


Although I enjoy working in large groups, I normally start off quite quiet if I do not know them. This can be limiting if I do not put forward my ideas but I am growing more and more confident as I go through university. Technically, I think my biggest weakness is sound. I know how to use the equipment to an extent, but it is the part of production that I struggle with the most. Even when it comes to editing, sound is my weakest point. I am usually unsure of how to edit the sound to make it how I want it and struggle with what kind of sounds would be good with an interview. An example of this is my documentary production module, one of my improvements was to have more atmosphere sound, rather than just someone talking. I tend to write notes and leave them in a pile for a while before sorting them out into the correct folder. Notes can easily be lost by doing this, therefore need to work on organising my notes as soon as I have written them. I like to double-check things which could be a weakness in a way because I like to have reassurance from others, but most people do!


I have taken as many opportunities that have been offered to me as I can! I joined source radio and now have a radio show on Thursdays with Laura Garwood and Sam Soane. I really enjoy doing the radio show and am now confident with using the system even though it does shut down on us in mid-show sometimes! I joined Source TV and there were a few extra roles going so I decided to apply for head editor. I went for an interview and was told at the next meeting that I was successful and I got the role! This will bring quite a few good opportunities for me; I have already been involved with editing two projects. One of these is a promotional video for a local nightclub in Coventry called Platinum where Kurtis from Misfits recently did a DJ set. Another opportunity through Source TV is CVTV, which is where a former Coventry University student wants a show reel making for his agency to try and get into presenting. I have been set the role of filming him interviewing c-list celebrities. There are many opportunities at University such as the Prague trip, New York trip, Hereward documentary and the IWF project. I have chosen to defiantly take part in making a film for the AWF in Tenerife for a month and am also helping with editing for the Hereward documentary. I also part of a documentary being made called ‘CCTV Terror.’


The main threats that will stop me making the most of the opportunities are time and money! I do not have time to take part in everything and despite working in the holidays; it still costs money for flights etc. There are also threats beyond my control such as last year the New York trip was cancelled because of the ash cloud. Other people trying to get the same work experience is a threat and I have to stand out to make sure I get the place. Distractions such as social networking sites are always a threat but as long as I stay focused, it should not be an issue. I am going to make the most of what I can!



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