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Short films

I have been watching quite a few short films to learn about them and to get inspiration. At the moment I feel like I cannot concentrate on one idea because there are no limits! Could range from horror to romance and anything in-between. I have a few rough ideas but need to develop them in my mind. To do this I am going to create a spider diagram containing my ideas and what could become of them.

I found it hard to pick a favourite because I enjoyed them all! The ones that stood out to me, was bro and pockets. I think pockets stood out mainly because it was the only one I found funny out of them all. I liked the way it was filmed and there was a variety of close-ups as well as long shots. I like the representation of madness with the short film turning into black and white. I think this also represents how he now only has one aim and can see it clearly in black and white. It outlines his obsession and  the writing on the walls reminds me of part of the film transformers 2! The word is imprinted on his brain so has written it all over the walls. I like how it shows the end before the beginning then goes back like a memory, it keeps the audience wondering what he has done and I personally thought it would be pick-pocketing but this idea was turned on its head for this short film! I think the main reason I liked it was because it was simple and different. It is these kinds of ideas that make me think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ From watching this short film, I have learnt that flipping things on its head can work so well. In the future I am going to try to think of the many different angles I can get from a singular idea. Simple works well!

Bro by Chris Dundon is a touching short film about a teenager who is trying to cope with his brothers disability. It has some great shots in it, one of my favourite is when he is in the mirror getting out his brothers medication and his brother is standing behind him. The depth of field is played around with here to good effect. The variety of shots set the pacing really well and even though it is nearly twenty minutes long, my attention did not drift. These shots include point of view shots, over the shoulder shots, high and low angled shots, close-ups and long shots. The close-ups are usually to show emotion and the long shots showed his isolation and loneliness. It is an emotional piece and the camera angles help this greatly. Another of my favourite shots was when the boy and girl stand on the roof of the building. The depth of focus is also played around with here because the houses in the background are blurry. This shot signifies how he feels more powerful and free when he is with her. Everyone in this short film is a really good actor, they all have amazing facial expressions so you can almost tell what they are thinking. The only parts I did not like was on the first bus ride it was quite shaky, I know it was probably meant to be to an extent because they are on a bus but I felt like it was a bit too shaky. There was also a shot when him and his mother were hanging out clothes. This shot was incredibly blue compared to the rest of the film. I did enjoy watching this, it is done very visually, I would be able to understand it easily without speech.

Litter Picker by Ashley Horner is a story about a poet who is meant to be picking up litter, following someone who is doing his job voluntary. I like the sound in this short film, it starts off with just the poem as a voice over in the streets where it is quite noisy, it then goes to the poet by the side of a quite lake in his cleaning buggy writing the poem down in the notebook. There is then a transition in sound where he is now saying the words instead of a voice over. The transition is really smooth and works really well. I like how grading is used to represent what we should think of the voluntary cleaner. From the beginning til the second idea in the house, the audience is made to think the litter picker has a form of OCD which is why he is cleaning. The scene in the kitchen is extremely white and empty which backs this theory until the poem changes and he is turned into a hoarder. The grading then turns into a more brown colour which makes me think of the war-time. The tension is built really well when he walks up the stairs, the poem stops and all you can hear is his footsteps. I personally think the sound scape is the best part of this short film. On the other hand, I feel like the pacing at the beginning could be slower, it seems slightly rushed. When the poet is writing the poem down as he says it, it is going too fast for him to write it down. This is not because I want to see him write it all down, but I feel like it makes me realise that is cannot be real because he cannot write it down that quick so interrupts my suspension of disbelief.

My least favourite short film was probably the king of deptford creek. I have only chosen this one because I could not remember what it was about til I went back to find it. It was the one that stood out the least to me out of them all. I think this was because of the story, it did not particularly grab my attention and I expected a bit more at the end. Although when I watched it back, it was really good visually. There were many shots that I enjoyed such as right at the beginning there is the shot of the snail underwater and the lake. There is a shot of the detective getting a drink from a tap and this is just one of the examples that I like. The cinematography for this short film of impressive and I enjoyed watching the variety of good shots. From watching this, it has made me want to experiment more with camera shots.

Most of these short films all have the same thing in common – simplicity. They are all simple ideas that are made well into good short films. They all seem to have some kind of twist such as being a put-pocket instead of a pick-pocket. The thing that stands out the most is their characters, it shows good character development is needed. This is something we will have to make sure we do well. The actors are all very good so I aspire to find ourselves a good actor. They all have a variety of camera angles and good interesting soundscaping.


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