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First draft of script

INT. kitchen. day

DANIEL is sat at the table eating a cooked breakfast. Opposite him there is an plate with parts of food on that someone has finished with. There is also a card labelled ‘Ellie’ on the table next to the finished plate of food.

Daniel eats his dinner.


ELLIE, you didn’t open your card!

Daniel continues eating then talks quieter with his mouth full of food.


Geuss she can open it later if she wants.

Daniel continues to eat until he pushed his chair out and puts the dishes in the sink. He then walks over to the fridge where a shopping list is under a fridge magnet. He takes the list, reads through it, then begins to open and close cupboards, editing the list as he goes.


Ellie shall I get grapes? Green ones of course, I know you hate pips? (pause) I’ll write them on the list.

Daniel continues to look through cupboards


What about? Oh no doesn’t matter.

Once Daniel has finished looking through the cupboards he grabs his wallet off the side.


DANIEL walks into the hallway and shouts up the stairs.


Going now, see you in a bit beautiful, make sure your ready on time!

Daniel leaves locking the front door behind him.

INT. supermarket. Day.

DANIEL is walking through the super market reading the labels on the isles with a trolley with a few bits in already. He walks past one aisle then walks back down the aisle. Daniel stops in front of chocolate then pulls out his mobile phone.


Hey it’s only me, just walked past the chocolate aisle and I know how much you like chocolate! Want me to get you a snickers? Remember when I use to get them for you once a week? Yer I’ll get you one! Oh and can you get the picnic blanket out the cupboard please babe! See you in a bit!

Daniel hung up then picked up a snickers and headed towards an empty check out. On the way he stopped by the flowers and picked out some before putting all his things on the conveyor belt.



Check-out lady

Hey, someones a lucky lady!


It’s mine and my wifes wedding anniversary today, thought I would treat her.


How sweet, I’m sure she’ll love them!


Hope so!

A silence sets in after a slight smile at each other as the Daniel waits to pay.


That’s £… please!

Daniel hands over the money


Thank you, here’s your change and receipt


Thanks, have a good day


DANIEL unlocks the door and walks into the hallway holding the shopping bags and flowers.


Back! Hope your ready!

DANIEL towards the kitchen door


DANIEL puts the bags down on the kitchen floor then gets the picnic basket out from under the table, he looks in it and the picnic blanket is already in it. He puts certain foods in the picnic basket and puts the flowers in a bag to hide them, then walks out the door.


DANIEL stands at the bottom of the stairs and puts the flowers down on the floor out of view


Come on, time to leave!

Daniel smiles and watches someone come down the stairs


Helloooo gorgeous! Let’s go, lady’s first

The camera goes down to see Daniel picking up the flowers so you do not see Ellie walk past.

EXT. Outside house. day.

DANIEL walks outside the house and puts the basket and flowers on the back seat of the car and gets in the front seat.

Int. car. day.


I packed 3 packets of your favourite crisps!

Daniel starts driving away


Good job it’s not raining

ext. field. day.

DANIEL gets out the car and gets the bag and flowers out. He begins to walk away then turns round.


Don’t worry about your shoes, it’s quite dry on the ground! Come on

Daniel walks off into the distance

ext. graveyard. day.

DANIEL is shown laying the flowers on a grave sitting on the blanket with the basket next to him on his own.


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