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Our word for the week is time. I have been seeing people play around with slow motion and in our workshop we were taught how to make the Z1’s and Z5’s capture slow motion. I enjoyed this workshop and its crazy how the camera made the image go in slow motion so much! For this week I would like to continue playing around with slow motion by smashing glass, popping balloons and ripples in water. I will spend time in post production making it reverse and re-smash.

Last week, Laura Garwood and I filmed a variety of items that we can play around with in post production. It went well and we found a variety of objects to use such as glass bottles, a balloon, a water balloon, different sauces being put into water, someone whipping their hair and crushing tin cans. It was interesting to do and it made me think about little things you miss when you don’t look closely enough such as how strange balloons look when they pop. I had watched this video while reseaching and took some inspiration from it.


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