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We have five locations needed for our short film. These are

Inside a car

In a kitchen

In a hallway

In a supermarket

And a graveyard

For the car location, we are planning to use Lydia’s boyfriends car but not actually have the actor drive it unless he has his own car that he has driven down in. This was our easiest location to sort out because we were lucky enough to be offered the use of the car. We wanted the house to look fairly modern with good lighting and to look very tidy with only a few carefully placed objects out to place to signify Ellie. We thought a show home would be quite good for this so we researched show homes in Coventry and found a housing company. We called them up quite a few times and were being passed around from one person to another. No one really knew who was in charge of this kind of thing but we eventually were told no because they are such a big company they only let people film when it benefits them like if it was a promotional video. They told us to look into smaller companies but could not suggest any particular ones. So we continued our search  but the majority of the ones we found were big companies. We emailed persimmon, barrats, david wilson, taylorwimpey, redrow, bloor, bovis, keepmoat but the only company who replied was Bovis homes. We received a positive response but unfortunately the response was too late but I will remember this company for future references. We decided to use Lydia’s house because the kitchen is quite bright and modern and does not look like a student house. We did a test shoot with all the equipment to see if it was suitable and it worked well and looked good on camera. The lighting was even and bright and the kitchen had a good layout with the table in the corner which is what we needed. The only issue was the stairway, we were hoping for a bit where Daniel could put down the flowers out of view but there was not a place out of view so we just had to improvise.

We thought supermarket would be the hardest to get and in a way, we were right in the end. We called Tesco’s in the Ricoh arena but we were just being passed around and no-one had a definite answer. We knew a guy on our corse, James Colley worked in Cannon Park Tescos so asked him for help. He spoke to his manager who said it was fine but we had to get in contact with head office to send him a confirmation email for filming on the 6th March. We spoke to head office a few times and were given a particular name of whom we needed to speak to. We were told a confirmation email would be sent but it wasn’t so by now it was the 5th March. We tried calling them all day but the person we needed to speak to was out of the office. We decided to contact the branch manager again in Tesco and it turns out there had been miscommunication between the branch and head office. Both had agreed to the filming but did not know it! So once that was sorted out we were given the go ahead to film the next day.

Our final location is the graveyard. For this we knew we needed to contact the Parish Council. We wanted a church that was preferably next to a field so we can have shots of Daniel walking through the field towards the graveyard. We looked on Google to find churches nearby then looked at them on google maps. We picked out the two we liked the most and emailed them. We had a reply from St Nicholas Church asking for more information about the film but said it should be OK depending on the content. After telling them the content, they said we have permission to film and to let them know the dates.

When looking for locations and actors, perseverance is needed. Tescos was quite hard to get permission from, but we kept trying and managed get permission. During this process we looked at film locations which you had to pay quite a lot for even though they were just houses. I will continue to always reply to those who email me and will keep in touch with those I have contacted for future references.  This process has reminded me of how much easier it is if you divide up tasks.


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