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Final editing session

Today was our final editing session before the hand in date. The main things I needed to do was sound and titles. I started off my listening to the recording of Brian reading the poem and was pleased by what I heard, his voice was extremely clear, emotive and good to listen to. I cut up the poem into segments of rhyme, because it lasted just over a minute and our film was just over three minutes. I watched the footage through and wrote down what parts I would defiantly want the poem. These places seemed to be the places where we wanted to see the emotion, such as when Chris is looking out the window and looking at the card for Ellie. Once I put the poem into the timeline, I felt like some of it was out-of-place. There was a piece of the poem in the supermarket that really did not fit because it was talking about his grief and her death but he did not look like he was grieving. Steve Dawkins gave us some feedback and said the audience is now told that she is dead far too early which makes the ending less ‘poignant’ and suggested putting most of the poem at the end of our short film. To test this out, I copy and pasted the cut up segments of the poem and positioned a few parts on the timeline where I felt a poem was needed such as the places I suggested earlier. I then locked and muted track on the timeline with the first attempt at the voice over and listened to see what I prefered. I instantly liked the new version better, there was only two verses in the beginning bit which I later changed to three, then there was the main poem as soon as he reached the graveyard scene. I faded to black as the last verse was said, it worked out as emotive and I am happy with how the poem fits the short film.

One thing I was not sure what to do about sound was the end line is ‘dearest Ellie, I miss you’, but Chris says ‘miss you Ellie’ in the graveyard scene. Firstly I cut out the last line of the poem and listened to Chris saying it, but it did not sound right being a different voice and it no longer rhyming so instead I tried to cut out Chris saying it but it jumped too much. My only option left was to use the close up of the card and flowers on the grave where Chris says ‘miss you Ellie.’ I personally prefered the shot without the close up but it works well with the sound.

I then added in the voicemail message but this was far too quite so Lydia and Laura went to re-record it on a Marantz. I imported the radio sounds in the scenes where Chris is in the house. Yesterday I had added in atmosphere sound and some of these did not sound right as I was listening through. Laura rented out a pair of headphones for me and Steve has a listen and picked up on a few sound issues then I picked up a few more when I listened. The first issue was there was talking in the first shot, it was very faint but it was because a family were walking up the path behind me. There was also a banging sound where the boom mic must have been moved so I found another atmosphere sound recorded at that point and put that over the top. This worked better than the sound before but because of the overlap of sounds, I thought this could be happening at various points without me being able to hear it so I muted each individual channel to check they were OK. I was having issues with the sound when Chris opens the cupboards. I needed to get rid of his voice because him talking now does not sound right with the voiceover. There seemed to be a lot of banging in the background and it took me a while to find another atmospheric sound to go over the top of it but I ended up taking it from a shot we took in the kitchen when we ran the whole scene through in one take. Another issue with the sound was in the sweet section in Tesco, compared to the rest of the scene it is really quiet because there are no freezers or fridges buzzing. I added this sound but it just sounded too noisy so instead I put an audio fade in so it was not a dramatic change. This worked better than having a jump in sound or having the loud fridge noise. Next I imported the answer phone message which sounded much better then the soundtrack Kayleigh had found for when the graveyard scene starts.

I had been playing around on motion and created bits of paper falling from the sky then one bit getting bigger. Matt put text on this big piece saying ‘Paper’. I did not like this piece of animation, the paper looked too jagged and the font did not look right on the piece of paper. I did like the original idea of floating paper and liked the font but the graphic as a whole did not suit the piece. Instead we decided to go for a more subtle title and write paper on the path in the graveyard. This suited the piece more because it is quite subtle and I liked it much better than the animation. After watching it through many time and practically knowing the poem of by heart, I exported our short film. The final Quicktime copy was over 800mb so we may have to cut the quality to put it on Vimeo.

This editing session went well and I have learnt new techniques such as different effects and more about sound. I have never paid that much attention to sound before, this is the most attention I have ever given to it. This has made me realise how my previous pieces could have been improved by the sound. I used a variety of soundscapes to make the sound believable but there are still a few glitches. I think the sound could have been improved further by more recordings of atmospheric sound. I am glad the sound came out loud rather than quiet because it is easier to turn sounds down than up but overall I am happy with the editing process today.


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