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Reflection on Paper

The short film ‘Paper’ has been very enjoyable yet challenging to create. It has been one of my favourite modules and my knowledge has grown from creating this. I feel like I have put a significant amount of effort into this short film by taking on as many roles as possible and completing them well. I was script writer, director and editor as well as the other roles shared out between everyone in my group. I took onboard all feedback I was given in each role and applied it to see if it would improve our final piece whilst still staying in my role. I let others in my group help me out and made sure their comments were taken on board. Even though it was not an official role, in my A-Level piece I was an unofficial director and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I like being able to do my ideas whilst taking on others ideas if I thought they are appropriate to the final piece. I have well-developed technical skills but there is always room for improvement and this module has done exactly that. I am more confident using the JVC-700, lighting equipment, tracking, learnt new effects on Final Cut Pro and practiced on Motion. This development will help my future pieces of media. I would say that I could have been a bit more independent whilst directing because I wanted to check if the others were happy with what was going on and if they had anything they would like to add to it which is a good and a bad thing I guess. It is a good thing because I was working well in a team and making sure they were happy whilst double checking all my shots were what we needed, but is a bad thing because I could have done it without checking with them.

My favourite shot in my short film is the tracking shot in the supermarket and the shot of Chris walking through the trees in the graveyard. I liked the effect of the tracking and because Chris was at the other side of the aisle, it made him look quite small and vulnerable. I am glad the effect smoothcam made this shot less shaky because I think the shaky shots take something away from the shot itself. I like the other shot mainly because of the colours. I like the colours around Chris with the ‘nature colours’ such as green, brown and yellow. Chris kind of looks like he blends in, but what he is carrying stands out because it is significant to the story and contrasts with what he is wearing. I like to think it of that what he is carrying represents Ellie, it is bright in contrast to him so signifies how he has lost his brightness since loosing her. I do think there are some beautiful shots, whilst editing, someone sitting next to me said ‘sorry but I could not help but notice, your film is shot really nicely.’ I also like how the poem is at significant parts of the short film then comes in at the end. The fade to black whilst the poem is still being read gives an eerie feel to it and leaves the audience with a sadness.

To improve my short film, I would play around with the sounds some more. I would record some more atmosphere sounds and possibly edit some of the sounds because they peak. Now and then whilst editing, the sound would stop and the earphones would make a loud white noise. I think this was because the sound was peaking, I solved this by turning it down but would still like some more time to perfect the sounds. There are a few shots where Chris was saying the script which we cut out but some still remained. This was the hardest bit to cover up and was done by using sound from a different scene and cutting up the visuals to try to stop the audience seeing Chris talking.

Overall I am happy with how the final piece has come together. My group and I worked well as a team and we mainly all fulfilled our roles. We are planning to distribute our video and I think we can be proud of what we have achieved and the hurdles we have overcome along the way.


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