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Above is the video I created for time. I filmed this with Laura Garwood and it went quite well. Our aim was to create a slow motion video with normal, reversed and overlapped footage. By the video above, you can see we achieved our aims. We filmed using a Z1, which was our first mistake because the Z5’s have a function where you can record in slow motion. We recorded a variety of things such as glass smashing, balloons popping, a pump spray, water balloon exploding and putting a variety of spices and sauces into water. This was filmed at my house and we had many glass bottles and one broken glass to smash. It was fun smashing the glass and the effect of it worked really well. In the edit we decided to only use the glass smashing because it was what we had the most footage of and we captured the glass smashing well. The sound came out well because of using a boom mic and we thought the glass would be good to play around with. Our editing session went well with Laura doing the editing whilst I input ideas. Our final piece came out quite engaging I thought. It is interesting to watch the glass smash over and over then be reversed so it is fixed. My favourite part of it is when the clear glass is being reversed. It looks like it is repairing itself and because it smashed quite spectacularly, the pieces of it came from all directions. I do not like how the light changes halfway through, in the edit we tried to fix this but we were unsure of why it was changing. We managed to change it a bit but it is still noticeable. I think the sounds work well with it but it would have been better if it was a bit longer. Yasmin Muat gave us a good piece of feedback about filming it from different angles. I would have liked to do this and will bear this in mind for future reference. Overall I am happy with how Laura and I worked together and how the final product looks.


Originally, my walls video was meant to my observational footage of my housemates cleaning the kitchen. Amusing things always happen so I was going to speed up all the footage then slow it down for the good bits. Whilst the camera was set up in the corner, our builders came in and peered into the camera asking if we were making a movie and my flatmate smashed a glass along with other entertaining happenings. Unfortunately, this took a while to upload and when it was uploaded, it said it would have 6 hours to render. I cut the footage down so rendering time was only an hour but once it was rendered it was really jolty so decided to use my unused footage from ‘time’ to create a wall montage because I feel like Laura and I filmed some good footage that we did not use in our time video.. It is related to walls because everything that is in this video on in a wall. For example, water in a balloon, air in a balloon and the wall of a beer can. The only thing that is more free is the candle but this is still in a wall because it can only burn when there is wax in the silver wall. I edited this by speeding up parts and slowing parts down. I did this to show the beauty of slow motion. I do not notice small things such as how the water droplets ripple and splash unless I actually think about looking and you can see in this video how good they look. If I done this again, I would film it on a Z5 slow motion mode because it will pick out the slow motion in really good quality which is far better than slowing it down in post production. I think the shots of the candles in and out of focus are really pretty and think it would be nice to use one of them at the end on my montage. I like how the water balloon refuses to pop and I would have liked for it to be really slow motion when it did finally pop but when I experimented with this in editing, it did not look right. I think the shot of putting things in water is far too long and gets boring. After you have seen the herbs being dropped into the water once, you do not need to see it any longer.


For my dirt project, I wanted to do a photo shoot because I have not done one before. My flatmate has experience in modelling so she was happy to be the model for me. I wanted to show how dirt can be good for you because if you are not exposed to dirt as a child, your immune system will not be as well developed. The photo shoot went well and I will be doing one again soon. For the edit, I just entered all the pictures into Movie Maker and found the soundtrack ‘Dirt.’ The soundtrack worked very well because of the lyrics ‘I’d like to live beneath the dirt.’ My favourite photograph is the one below

I was trying to get her in as many normal places as possible to represent her being dirty in places being normal but all the photographs on the stairs were not coming out well so I asked if she could lay on the stairs upside down and she did! I like how vibrant her eyes look and they match the stairs. From looking back on these photographs I have noticed that I need to think about the photograph more as a whole including the background because this photograph would be better if there was not a chair in the background. In the final piece, a few of the shots are quite over-exposed. I edited them to make them less over-exposed but they are still a bit bright. This was because I was not experienced with the camera so it took me a while to pick up the settings. I am now more experienced so this will not happen in the future. I would have liked to add in a bit of video from the shoot for more variety or perhaps a separate piece of my model being very happy and child-like whilst covered in the dirt. My favourite part of my final piece is how well the visuals fit in with the music in the background. Although watching this back, I feel I needed more of a narrative. It would have worked well if I had more photographs from the beginning of her being clean and unhappy. Although doing a piece like this was experimental for me, I could have been more experimental by doing my abstract or close up pictures of her in the shower going through the transition of clean to dirty. I think this would have added a lot to the piece in terms of visuals and would help develop the narrative.


This was one of the videos I enjoyed creating the most. It was fun to film the skateforcancerMK team training for their skate from Glasgow to Milton Keynes in July. I enjoyed chasing them round with the D90 and once I had told them what I wanted them to do, they inputted their own ideas to use. The downside of this video is definatly lack of a tripod. In some of the shots I managed to rest it on something but most are shakey. Also, in all the shots outside the multi-story, the picture has lines of lights on them. I think this is because there was not much light and the light that was there was orange and artificial. The orange tint to the shot can be changed in post production but I do not know how to change the effect the light had on the camera. I used the soundtrack Perfect Symmetry by Keanne because I found it in my research and thought it would add to the fact that it is a video based on symmetry. Many of the moves on the longboards are hard to do symmetrically because they are differet boards and different people. I like the shot where theyare standing out of focus then longboard towards me and the closer they come, the more in focus they get. I needed to record more atmosphere sounds of them skateboarding to overlap with them talking.


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