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Montage of Beautiful things

Throughout this module I have leant many new techniques, how to use different equipment and improved creatively. I used new techniques in editing such as split screens and improved used a variety of editing software I would not usually use. For example, at one point I was forced to use Windows Movie Maker, I had never used this before but it was very simple to use so it was fine. I then managed to get hold of my copy of Adobe Premier Elements 4.0 from home to upload onto my laptop. Unfortunatly my new laptop had been sent away for repairs so only had my old laptop which struggled whilst I was trying to edit and kept crashing every ten minutes. I managed to edit my symmetry project on it, but not to the best of my ability because it kept crashing. I also used final cut to edit and was hoping to use this for the final montage. I used new equipment such as a D90 with a 50mm lens. I would have not been able to know the differences between the lenses before this module and can now tell the differences. I have done quite a few photography projects because it is an aspect of media that I am interested in and wanted to learn more about it by practising. I now feel very comfortable using a D90, I have learnt how to change nearly all the settings by using online tutorials. I became comfortable with using the Z1’s and Z5’s and learnt how to do slow motion on a Z5. I learnt how to adjust dedo lights without burning myself and the process of lighting in a dark room.

On Tuesday I was planning to edit on Final Cut Pro in the basement of Ellen Terry but the room was booked out. So I went in at 5pm planning to stay there until it closes at 9pm but as I went in I met a few others off my course who had just been told to leave the basement and it was now locked. I then went to the Graham Sutherland building because I had been told a few computers had Final Cut Pro on them. unfortunately the room with these computers in was locked therefore I decided to use the other computers and edit on Premier Pro. I know Final Cut Pro the most out of all the editing software so it will be good to be able to gain much more knowledge in another program. I started off my looking through what I had created for my words and inserting the best parts of the raw footage into the timeline. I then cut it down so I only had the best shots in the timeline. I did this with every piece I had. I was unsure on how to fit the photographs into my montage. Pete had shown me how to make them pan on Final Cut Pro but it was different on Premier Pro. Luckily Laura Garwood knew how to do it and showed me how to. The photographs looked like they were more about to fit into my piece once I had applied the markers into the motion section and changed how the photograph moved. On most of the photographs I had to make them fit onto the screen because they were too large by going onto clip, video options, then scale to frame size. This made then fit on the screen which was much easier than having to click and drag it into the correct position. After I had done this and applied motion to all of the pictures, I realised I had one of my videos missing. This was my favourite video out of them all and I could not find the raw footage on my hard drive. I hoped that it was on my other hard drive and it just did not transfer over properly. When I got home I checked and thankfully, it was. This was my animal piece which has some of my favourite shots in such as one of my friends horse looking out towards a field. I looked through the raw footage of this and put my favourite shots into the montage. I had a problem with this because I had filmed it on a D90 which was an .avi file but Premier would not accept this file type so I had to save it as a .mov therefore loosing out on quality. I was not happy about this but there was not much I could do about it apart from started editing again on Final Cut Pro.

After cutting up all my clips into appropriate lengths, I put them into a random order. I watched it through to see if it worked but it did not. The clips did not flow together and it just looked jumpy and odd. I then pulled it apart to arrange it into a more appropriate layout. I had a few shots that did not really go with anything but I managed to incorporate these by using transitions and overlapping by changing the opacity. Once I was happy with the layout of the clips, I graded all the shots. I mainly used different colour changers, brightness and contrast and sharpen. It looks so much better now it is all graded. Next I needed to choose a soundtrack. I decided to use ‘evening morning’ by Bombay Bicycle Club. I am not sure why this was my choice but whilst I was thinking about what music to put to it, it kept coming up in my thoughts. I decided to listen to it whilst watching the video and it seemed to fit well. I went through the video and arranged certain bits to make then fit better with the music. I changed some of the transitions to go with the beat of the music which I think worked well. The music also sounds like it finishes just after the video finished which was good timing. After this break the song picks up again but I used the razor tool to cut this end bit off.

When I came to export my montage, I changed all the aspects correctly and put it into widescreen but when it was exported, it came out with the sides cut off and black so was not wide-screen at all. Brian Mansi helped me to try to change the ratio and pixels. The programme was trying to keep the aspect of the video so once the ratio was changeable, I would try to change it to 1024×576 but when I would change one number, the other number would change to match it. After playing around with it and exporting it using a few different settings, one video came out full screen without

If i was to improve my final montage, I would make sure all my shots are steady. I have quite a few shaky shots from using s D90 with a 50mm lens without a tripod. The music I have used is copyrighted and if I wish to distribute this, I will have to buy rights or find a soundtrack which is not copyrighted. I was unsure of how the montage flowed and could not tell because of watching it so many times. If I was to do this again, I would ask for feedback from my peers and mentors. Although I am going to do this anyway to see what I could have improved and what I can improve about it in the future. I was hoping to use Motion for my text but again, I could not get access to it. This has been my main dilemma whilst creating this because montage. Although I do like the text aspects I have used because it tricks your eyes into thinking the writing is there for longer than it is because of the contrast between the black and white. I feel like my montage of beautiful things reflects me quite well in the way that the majority of shots are of animals or nature. I aspire to be part of the wildlife film industry and this reflects this. Looking back on my montage of beautiful things, my least favourite shot is the shot of the sheep when I pan up towards the sky. It is one of the most shaky shots and it is needed to be done slower to see the sheep. I put it in because I liked how it ended on the sky and the long shot of the sheep but now when I see it in the montage, I do not particularly like it. I have a few favourite shots, the first one is of the horse, Rene, looking out on the fields. I changed the depth of field here and I think it came out with a really nice effect. My other favourite shot is of the goose in which I think it yawned. I was not zoomed in and was actually that close and the goose did not seem to mind and I like the other ducks and Willen lake in the background. In my montage I have used every word given apart from time because it was part of my walls project. I think this is good because you can see everything I have done, but is not good because I have put everything in, even if it does not particuarly fit. I really like my dirt pictures but feel it looks OK in my montage of beautiful things but does not fit fully. I decided to overlap some of my original sound with the soundtrack for more detail but the balloon pop is slightly after it pops but because it is in slow motion it is not really recognisable. There is also one part I should have cut out when the goose has its mouth open because you cannot hear the other ducks, you can only hear the wind.

Overal I have enjoyed this module. I feel like I have gained a lot personally and creativly. I worked on many of these projects on my own and now feel more confident with this. As I said earlier, I have gained in technical ways and enjoyed learning about the equipment by being hands on and using it. I have improved with keeping to deadlines, it was quite hard making a video a week but most weeks I managed to get atleast part of it completed because I knew it would be so much harder if I fell behind.

My montage –

Here is the link to my montage in the group.


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