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14- 04- 2011

Yesterday we arrived in Tenerife after a four hour flight. We expected to have to get a taxi to the house we were going to be staying in but I had emailed the leader, Ed, a couple of days prior to our arrival to tell him the date and time we were expecting to arrive. When we arrived there was a woman holding a piece of paper with AWF on it. After loading our luggage into the car, we were drove to a place in quite a rural area. It was so pretty was we were driving through and we saw Mt Tiede with the top half of it covered in cloud. We saw a bird nest on top of a pylon which I really enjoyed seeing. There were quite a few big bird statues dotted around which we were later told was part of what use to be a bird sanctury which has now expanded into Aqua Land. When we arrived we were intoduced to the others living here and shown around the house. The house looked like a tree house but on the ground! It does not really have a roof so would leak if it rained but it was well suited. I kept thinking a had seen everything then there would be another strange passage to a different room. They have a pet turtle which is quite cute and we were told because we are the newbies we have to cook the bbq on Sunday. After unpacking our things then spoke to a few of the other volunteers before having an early night before our long day tomorrow.


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