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Today was our day to go on the boat! We had to be outside the house at 8.30 to get taken to the boats. The boat was not set to depart until 10am so we sat in a cafe waiting. Ria went to ask if the Free Bird was going ahead and we were told it was so we made our way over there and after asking if it is OK to get on the boat, we got on and sat and waited for the ship to leave. On this boat, we have to work behind the bar which is just pouring fizzy pop into plastic cups and giving them out. There was also a beer tap but I did not need to use this. Once we started moving the sea became pretty rocky and soon many people were asking for sick bags. I get travel sickness but had taken tablets and was drinking fizzy pop and eating which helps prevent it so I was OK for the first hour in which we saw five bottle nose dolphins. It was so good to actually see them in the wild, you could see their shadows under the water then when they came out they looked so pretty. They moved so fast, it was hard to keep track of them sometimes and they were only out of the water for a couple of seconds before going under again. After these swam off we kept going further out into the sea which was making more and more people come down with sea sickness, including me, but I carried on doing my work behind the bar and looking for dolphins or whales. After approximately an hour we were out pretty far and I had been told the day before that the resident short-finned pilot whales are normally logging. This is when half their brain is asleep but if the water is rough, they would swim to a different island to do logging, we were getting unsure on weather we would be able to see any but then the boat was stopped and the lady onboard began speaking into the microphone. Ria and myself went onto the top deck into the captains bit and there was a juvenile short finned pilot whale on the left of the boat. We filled out the research form by writing in the coordinates and filling out the other parts of the form such as what they are, what they are doing, how many there are of them and where they are in contrast to the boat. There was then an adult a bit further from the boat, they were both milling which is moving in and out of the water but not in any particular direction and is more in a circle. After seeing these, filling out the forms and thanking the captain, I went back downstairs and was instantly sea-sick! Which was not nice. The waves seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and so many many were being sick. We turned back then and myself and Ria went around the front of the boat to the well people and asked them to sign our petition against whale hunting, we managed to get 8 signatures from the people not being seasick and was talking tot his one couple for about fifteen minutes. The woman volunteers for animal charities in the UK so was very interested in what we were doing and so we traded stories. We then got off the boat because the others had been unable to go out because of how bad the waves were, so they went on in our place so we sat on the beach til we were picked up at 6 which helped me get over my sea-sick! We then went to our pick up point and the others who had been on the boat after us were holding a huge cartoon of left over food and a bag of bread. This would be part of our dinner tonight! After our dinner we had a meeting with Ed about what he wants us to work on whilst we are here. We needed to take over from the group before us and make promotional videos about the boats on which we go on to watch the whales and dolphins. We were told we need to try to capture the feel of the boat because they are all different. We were then told which ones we would be filming and had a total of three boats with a possibility of another if we have time. We have been asked to create a promotional video about the volunteers and how we can make a difference, Jake and myself are going to plan this tomorrow whilst Emma and Richard go on a boat.Here is the one they have already –

Our other project is to do a promotional video about the island of Tenerife. this needs to be of the natural beauty of the island, not the tourist areas which is mainly where tourists stay. We are going to be driven around by Ed when he comes back to Tenerife to get some beautiful shots of the natural beauty of Tenerife.


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