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Today it was mine and Jake’s turn to go on the boats. We needed to film the maxi cat so were up for the 8am drop off to Puerto Colon where we went to our usual cafe and waited til around 9.30 before walking over to the port to see if the boats are going out and if we can get on them. When we got to the Maxi Cat, they looked very busy. It is quite a small boat and can only hold 50 people so they only had space for one of us to get on. Jake and I let the other person we was with get on because they had only came down for a week and he felt confident enough to go on his own so Jake and I went and asked if we could get on the Free Bird One because it is a larger boat which always lets those from the AWF on. Two other members from the AWF were already on it, two guys from Holland called Kenrich and Thijs so we joined them. Last time I was on the Free Bird One, it was very rough and I was seasick so I felt a bit unsure about how the journey was going to go for me even though it seemed a lot calmer. We decided to split into two teams so the first team would work on the bar whilst the other would go out on the boat with the record sheet and camera. Myself and Kenrick went onto the top of the boat to look for whales and dolphins and were there for approximately an hour before we saw some pilot whales. We wrote this down on the record sheet and took a few pictures so we can try to identify them but they were quite far away. After this, we all swapped roles and soon after we saw some more pilot whales. Whilst Jake took pictures, I went up to ask the captain for co-ordinates with Thijs and helped him fill out the research sheet. Before we knew it, we were turning back to the port. It was getting windy so the next trip was cancelled. We then had to help clean the boat before getting off. It was a shame that Jake and I could not get on the other boat because we were going to film it to make a promotional video about it but it would have been too much for one person to fill the data sheet, take pictures and film so we will arrange to go on it next week. We then went to the beach to wait to be picked up.

In the evening we had a meeting to discuss our ideas further. Jake told everyone else our ideas about the promotional video of the volunteers and then showed them the video I posted in the previous post along with the video below. This was to show what we intended to do to show the natural beauty of Tenerife.

The views in this video are so amazing and I would love to create something like this. Plus, it would look good in my show real! Ed said he knows some places that are much prettier than the shots used above and will get someone to take us there at some point next week because he is leaving tomorrow. I am really looking forward to doing this and will hopefully get some sunrises and sunsets looking beautiful.


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