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Jake and Rich were meant to go on the boats today but unfortunately they were cancelled because the winds were still really stong. They were dropped down at the port so spent the day there instead. Emma and I stayed behind because we were going horse riding so we got up and cleaned the house at 9, then went to the shop, got ready then left for horse riding. When we arrived, it looked like a deserted place and had no idea where we were meant to go. We walked through this little shack and we then saw a huge area filled with animals! There was a steep drop so we began to walk towards the horses but it was beginning to look like a dead-end then someone saw us and shouted up to tell us to go through the cave. We were a bit unsure about what cave to go through but we found our way. Once we got down there we were approached by huge dogs saying hello which most of us enjoyed but one girl was petrified of dogs so we had to keep them away from her. We were then given a brush to brush the horses then were called over to sit on whichever horse we were pointed towards. I was given a horse called Estrella which means Star in Spanish. She was so lovely and whilst riding, the man in charge told me that she was the alpha female so will not move out of any other horses way and if she felt like I was nervous or being threatened by any other horses she would tell them off! A few times she put her ears flat which is a sign of aggression towards another horse but when I shouted at her she stopped. Estrella was so well-behaved! I did some trotting which I picked up quite easily because of practicing on my friends horse but she kept trying to overtake the horses in the front which had experienced riders on but she slowed down whenever I pulled her back. It was a beautiful ride, we were high up and could see the sea from where we were so the views were amazing! After we got back, we ate then decided to do a time-lapse from the wall which is a place where you can see a lot of Tenerife. We sat for roughly half an hour then went back to the house. We put this together and it came out very well. We had changed the shutter speed to make it longer so more light was let in because it was dark out and it looked effective. This was good practice and we decided we are going to use two cameras for our sunrise and sunset.


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