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Today we decided to go to Santa Crus to see if there was a music festival there. We thought it would be good to take a few pictures and even if there wasn’t a festival on, it would be good to be able to say we have been to the capital of Tenerife. When we got on the bus, it was completely full so we had to sit on the floor because it was a direct bus to Santa Cruz which would take an hour. Once we got there, we got off and began to look to see if there was a festival but it did not look like anything was going on. We were hungry so went for food then saw a stage being set up but music was not meant to start playing til 7pm. We walked around for a while looking in shops and looking at the views then went back to Los Christianos and went to the beach. We went in the sea and it was so rough, as soon as Emma walked in she got knocked over! Rich and Emma then went to buy a body board and came back with a body board and a rubber ring. I decided to take a few pictures of them instead of going in and I saw a huge wave come and no-one was left above it! Emma was knocked out the ring and banged her knee on the seafloor, it was quite funny. We then had to leave to get the bus and came back. We looked at the pictures we had taken then went to bed to catch up on some sleep.


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