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We were told there was Easter celebrations on today seeing as it was Easter Sunday. We got on the bus to go to Los Christianos then planned to get a bus to this place from there but the latest bus back was at 5pm which would mean we would spend more time travelling than actually at the place so we decided not to go. Instead we went to the beach to take a few good photographs. We went up onto this big bridge which has a nice view of the sea from it. Whilst on it, you could look down onto the rocks and see loads of crabs on the rocks. We took a few pictures of them from the bridge then a few views of the sea. We then met a few other volunteers on the beach and because it was quite cloudy, we decided to do some cheerleading. I do cheerleading, and two others had done it a few times. It was really fun to do this on the beach, we then went onto gymnastics which was so much fun and a good change to what we normally do. I then got buried and made into a whale before we left. When we got back we sat on the terrace and waited for our neighbour, Theresa, to make us dinner. After we ate we had a meeting where we were told who was going out on the boats the next day. Jake, Rich, Emma, Yasmin and myself decided to sleep on the terrace which was a nice change.


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