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Today I have caught up on my blogging and have been looking through the brief to remind ourself about the criteria for this module. New people arrived today and were told to watch Shark Water which we needed to watch so I sat in the research room and watched it with them. I was genuinely surprised by this documentary. Many of the facts and figures this presented I had not known and I think this is the main issue – lack of awareness. I am not sure why all this stuff is not in the news, sharks have survived longer than almost any other species and for the first time, they are becoming the prey. Humans have killed 90% of sharks! This is all because of the demand for shark fin soup so the sharks get caught, get their fins cut off, then are thrown back into the water and are sometimes still alive. Sharks are shown as bad creatures who attack for no reason but this is not true. The documentary said you are more likely to get killed by a vending machine than by a shark. On average only 5 people a year are killed and they only bite because they want to know what you are and if you are edible but an exploratory bite to them could mean an arm for us. Sharks are the main predator of the sea so the prey have been shaped around them for so long and if they disappear it could mean devastating effects for the world. The sea Shepard was part of this documentary. They are a team of people who physically put themselves between those catching sea creatures illegally and usually get in trouble for their actions which is shown in the documentary. I have been researching the Sea Shepard, here is the website. That link will send you straight to the shark page but they are defending so much more than sharks. It is such a good cause and I recommend giving the website a read. In the evening, we were planning to go to the base of Mt Teide to do a time-lapse of the sunset so we prepared for this by checking the software was working and everything was charged. We set off at around 7 and drove to the base of Teide. The drive was amazing! Half way up we drove through the clouds and emerged with bright blue sky and sun. The clouds were in between the mountains and looked like the sea. It was very surreal! When we got to our filming spot, we quickly looked around the area to find a good spot and set up. We had two cameras so were able to do a time-lapse from two different directions. When we were happy with our shot, we changed the setting through the mac such as the shutter speed and started it going. We then had to wait and watch whilst checking the program was working every so often. Once the sun had gone down and most of the colour had disappeared from the sky, we made our way back and went to find Agata to find out what time we needed to leave tomorrow.


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