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I woke up the others at 5.30am so we could get to Tiede for 7am to try to catch the sunrise which was supposed to come up at 7.30. When we left we had very little petrol but we knew there were two petrol stations along the way so hoped they would be open. Unfortunatly they were not so we could not go any further or we would not make it back. We looked out for good views where we could catch the sunrise on the way back but unfortunately we could not find a decent place to stop. Agata asked us if we would like to go somewhere else during the day to do a time-lapse so we went to Los Cristianos because there was a big hill I had seen which I had wanted to climb to do a time-lapse from but we were all wearing the wrong shoes so we got our stuff together and got dropped off at 9.30am. We decided to climb a slightly bigger one that was on the other side of Los Cristianos because it was less commercialised. We spoke to a German guy who said it was not private property and the best views were on the far side but it was a harder climb so off we went. I led the way most the time and soon we were not on a path but scrambling up over loads of rocks. We had to work together to carry the equipment such as tripods because one would not fit in a bag so it was passed around whilst walking up. When we were at the top we could see so much! It was gorgeous views so set one camera up facing a bigger mountain because some interesting clouds were gathering then faced the other one towards the sea with the port in shot. I mentioned we had not had many pictures of ourselves as a group taken in our work experience so far so we done a time-lapse of ourselves sitting in front of the hill. Then jake got up and placed his fingers in front of the camera around us one at a time so it looked like he was lifting us up. We then made the word AWF with our bodies. I am looking forward to seeing if it comes out right! We then set up the time-lapse for approximately 2 hours then when I checked on one of the cameras I noticed that there was not being much changes between each picture so we decided to change the position of it to capture a more interesting shot. After we had been up there for a good amount of time, we decided to climb back down. The climb down was quite hard because of the route we chose. We went down a path where there was huge rocks so had to sit down and lower ourselves down a few times. It was fun but my thighs were burning and I know that they will be aching tomorrow. After we got picked up, we ate then got ready for our next time-lapse. It was Richard’s birthday so we took a cake to the base of Teide for our sunset and stars time-lapse. We wanted to get a good shot of the sunset but by the time we got to the place we needed to, the sun had began to go down already but we managed to get the colour. We changed the position when the stars came out because there was some rocks that looked really beautiful against the lasting colours of the sky. We then pointed one of the cameras straight at the stars. At one point, the pictures ont he laptops did not look like they were showing anything so we changed the aperture so we hope this comes out well! It was so cold so when we were happy with the shots and just had to wait, we got in our sleeping bags and waited til Agata picked us up.


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