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This morning we were doing another time lapse of the sunrise on the base of Mt Teide. We got up at 5 to be in the car for 5.30 then drove to Mt Tiede. We set up the camera in the position where we thought the sun was most likely to come up because of the colour of the sky.  It was so windy and cold, Jake and I were on one camera and stood around it to try and shade it from the wind but it seemed to be moving ever so slightly so will have to see if it moves too much when we put it together. The shot was really pretty with the clouds and colours of the sunrise but half way through the sun rise, we thought it looked like the sun was coming up in a slightly different place. Jake and I decided to change it because we had quite a bit of time lapse in that place which we could use. We also changed the shutter speed because more light was going to be coming in so would be too bright. After about three-quitres of an hour of the camera in this position, we unfortunatly had to leave because the car needed to be back to drop people off at the boats. This was quite disapointing but there was nothing we could do about it. We might be able to do it again at another point but we have learnt from doing it this morning. We learnt that we need more layers because it was freezing, we need to find a more sheltered spot from the wind, and work out where the sun is definatly going to come up from. For the rest of the day, we sorted out the pictures we had taken and set up the time lapse from the morning. We were right in thinking that the images may move quite a bit because when we put them together you could see the movement between the shots where the moon was slightly moving the camera each time. Some of the footage is useable but it would be good if we could do it again. We were going out in the evening for a meal for Richard’s birthday then went out to a few bars and clubs.


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