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We had a meeting with Ed at 9 to discuss what else we needed to film before we leave. The main project we needed to work on was the beauty of Tenerife. Ed wanted us to be driven around Tenerife in the next few days to film places he wanted in the video. We were told that there was no point going on the boats unless it was sunny because it does not make the boat look appealing when it is cloudy with the passengers seasick. After our meeting, we got ourselves ready by charging the cameras and laptop. We then got taken to which is a small fishing village. Unfortunatly, when we got there it was very cloudy and there was not much going on because the fishermen had already left. We looked around and decided to come back tomorrow morning so we could film the fishermen. We then went to the horse ranch where Emma and I had previously gone horse riding. We spoke to the man in charge and he said it was fine to film his horses. I loved being on the ranch before so being able to walk around and film the variety of animals there was so good. I started off doing a long shot on the path above all the horses then walked down and got a few more close-ups of their hooves then Jake got a close up of the horses face. We walked around getting a variety of shots then I saw a horse moving its tail around so I filmed  that then the dogs came up to me so whilst I stroked them, Jake filmed them. We then went round the corner to see the Shetland ponies. There was one adult and one foal, it was so tiny and cute! They were fenced in so it was quite hard to get a shot of them but we found a hole in the fence to film through. After this, someone was on one of the horses so I filmed them going past. I then heard some horses cantering so ran up this hill and saw four huge horses cantering around their big pen. I filmed them running past then put the camera on the floor to catch a close up of their feet. I was showered with a few stones because they ran past quite close and fast so flicked up a few stones but we got a good shot. When we felt like we had all the shots we needed, we thanked the owner and left to find some goats. We had seen them on the way there but they were in a small pen but when we drove past again, they were out in the field. Unfortunatly, they were too far away and we could not get onto the land because it was boxed off. There were a few that we could have filmed but by the time we got there, the Shepard moved them because they were too close to the road. We then came back, ate, uploaded our footage, charged the camera, had a meeting then went to bed.


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