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This morning we went to the fishing village we went to the day before and this time it was sunny and the fishermen were present and unloading their catches. We filmed the fish and the boats for a while from a few different angles. Emma asked some fishermen if we could specifically film them and they agreed. One of them held the fish up to the camera which was quite nice. After getting a few shots of here, we headed towards Taganaga and the lorel forest. Firstly we stopped in part of the lorel forest and had a look around to find a good place to film. To be honest, it looked like any ordinary forest so we were unsure if we were in the right place. After filming a few shots, we drove through to Taganana. We found an amazing view with a part where you can pull over and take pictures. I went under this wooden pole to get a better view. There was a big rock face next to this so we decided to climb up this to get an even better view. This was quite difficult and we had to work together to get the equipment up there safety. Once on top, we filmed the view then climbed down and moved onto our next place. This was in the rural part of the village so I got out and got a shot of a building with flowers outside then shots of the taps with running water. I could hear running water so went down to the stream to get some good shots of the steam and flowers. I found a really good position but I then realised I was in an ant’s nest so had to move pretty quickly. After getting a few shots we moved on to another part of Taganana where some of the good restaurants and black beaches were. We decided to do a time-lapse of the beach for half an hour then Jake and Emma went to film the restaurant. After this we returned home and uploaded the footage, had dinner then slept again.


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