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We took quite a while to reach the refuge on Mt Teide because Emma’s calf muscle was causing her a lot of pain so had to stop to stretch it often. I found the climb itself fairly easy because of the slow pace. I had a head torch so I could see fine, but we did not want to use all the torches at once in-case they ran out of battery so at one point I had to hold my head torch so others behind me and myself could see. We reached the refuge at 5am and slept for an hour. Our original plan was to leave the refuge by 5am but this was not possible. We left the refuge at 6am and continued walking. Emma and Richard started to feel giddy and sick from the altitude so they kept having long breaks in which Jake and I were getting cold so we continued walking. Emma and Richard told us they do not think they will be able to make it to the top in the time we have left but Jake and I were determine to reach the top. We were suppose to be at the top for the sunrise but we did not make it in time but the views were still amazing from where we saw it from. We could not find the path up the summit so ended up scrambling up the loose rocks on the side of the volcano. The top was so pretty but smelt quite badly of sulphur. We were told it was very cold and windy at the top but the first thing we done when we got up there was take off most of our layers. It was sunny and there had been no wind throughout the whole journey. After having a snack on the top, we began down which took much less time! Jake and I thought we had somehow got onto the wrong path so were worrying about ending up at the wrong point. From where we were we could see the cable cars so decided to make our way to those instead of following what we thought was the wrong path. We were soon climbing over then down another mountain which looked like it was made out of smashed plant pots. These orange rocks were extremely sharp and loose and we fell over quite a few times. It took us an extra hour and a half but if we had just followed the path we would have came out at the right place. My legs were on fire then just felt numb but we had to film the forest on the way down. On the first stop on the way down, I did not get out of the car, instead Richard and Emma filmed shots of the trees and flowers. At the next stop I felt like I could move a bit better so got out the car. Here we filmed the view and the trees then got in the car to go back to the house. We went straight to bed when we got back.


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