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I woke up expecting to ache like I have never ached before, but in fact, I did not ache at all! It was very strange, it was only my ankles that slightly ached. I think my body thought it was doing the Duke of Edinburgh again so healed very quickly. It was mine and Emma’s last day on the boats today so we went on the Maxicat in the hope of getting an interview. When we arrived we went straight to the boat because we could see the captain aboard. He told us the woman who said she would do the interview had the day off which as typical. He said we would be OK to get on the boats today and to come back at 10am. When we went back there was the lady who owns the boat letting passengers on. We asked her if it was OK to get on but she said it was a private function but there was a normal public trip going out at 2pm. I thought we should get a shot of the Maxicat pulling out of the port so we could use it in the promotional video. We found a high up point where we could film the Maxicat but before we got there we got called over by the boat called Freebird One For You. They wanted us to go on because they did not have any volunteers on there so we went on but just after we got sat down the crew got told it was also a private function so we had to get off. We then filmed the Maxicat leaving the port then went to the beach til 2.

We went on the 2pm Maxicat trip and within 10 minutes of leaving the port, someone was already being sick. It was quite rough and one of the crew members said he felt sick on the morning trip which is never a good sign! The crew were all very friendly and tried their best to find whales and dolphins but unfortunately we did not see any. Pilot whales like to ‘log’ which is when their brain is half asleep and cannot do this in rough waters so we think they must have gone looking for calmer seas. Instead we worked at the bar, spoke to the crew, asked people on-board for their signature on the anti-whaling petition and gave sick people sick bags! In the evening we had a long meeting where everyone was showing the project they have been working on for feedback.

Here is our final video of the Maxicat. We could not find an available crew member to create a voice over interview, so Emma scripted it and Jake read it out. Rich was the editor and I like how he has put the shots together and the sound works really well. The original soundtrack sounded like it was from a video game so this is a huge improvement.


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