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Dan Barnes – Graphic design – It is always helpful to have someone with a good knowledge of programmes such as After Effects and Photoshop to ask for help with if needed for future projects.

Joe Fox – Zoologist – Is interested in creating Wildlife documentaries in the future, could use his knowledge of animals and my media skills in the future.

Jorn Martens – Falcon trainer – Birds are my favourite animal and it is good to know someone who works with them. Could create a documentary in the future.

Johnny Bradford – Graphic Design – Again, it is good to know people who I could collaborate with in the future. Johnny made a book in Tenerife which is going to be published so I know he is a hard worker and his work is to a professional standard.

Ed Bentham – Founder of the AWF – If I want to work with the AWF in the future, I can get in contact with Ed.

Agata Paraszczak – Zoologist – It is helpful to know people who are going into the wildlife industry because it is something I want to be part of.

Johnny Rickard – Presenter – Hopefully I will be able to film Johnny interviewing his next celebrity.


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