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Learning Development and Creative Work

As told in my presentation, I have learnt how to create a time-lapse and am much more confident using the D90 and capturing fast movements steadily. I had not used one of the lenses we rented out before so learnt how to use this and when it was an appropriate time to use it. When filming, I began to think more carefully about the shots I took because I realised it was somewhere new and pretty so I was just getting average shots so had to think more creatively about my shots. I used the Marantz to record atmosphere sounds and had to really think about where to place the microphone because most of the places we needed to film had other sounds we did not want to pick up. I have a huge knowledge on world issues which I have been talking to others about. I have mentioned a few of these in my daily blog posts and they are things I did not even think about before I completed this work experience. For example, I knew it was better for marine mammals to be in the wild but I did not realise how bad it is for them to be in captivity. They get skin infections from being kissed/touched too much and their life span is cut by over half because of the stress of hearing the noise from various places such as the audience or water filter. I learnt many world issues which have changed my views and made me realise how few people know about these issues. My communication skills have improved by putting my view across in terms of ideas of shots and coming up with an idea. This improved throughout my work experience and I became much more confident talking to new people and made some good friends and contacts. I enjoyed getting to know people from different places from around the world and learnt how different things were in Holland than England from the Dutch people there. All I learnt in Tenerife is transferable so I can use my new knowledge and skills in the future.



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